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The delightfully fluffy Kallappam is a regular feature in meals across Kerala. While the authentic version uses naturally brewed toddy, its soft and delicate texture can be replicated at home using other methods as well. This delicious pancake can be had with an array of dishes and is a favouritein our households. We hope you enjoy it as well.

Attingal Outbreak (Anjengo Revolt; April–October 1721) refers to the massacre of 140 East India Company soldiers by native Indians and the following siege of Fort Anjengo.The Attingal Outbreak is often regarded as the first organized revolt against British authority in Malabar, Cochin and Travancore.The main reasons behind the resentment was large scale corruption and the manipulation.

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26-05-2016  · What is kaal sarp dosha? In astrology, we consider Rahu, the head part of a snake, and Ketu, the tail part of the snake, as a phenomenon that governs the bad deeds. Since they are head and tail parts, Ketu will always be found in the seventh house.